Friday, July 30, 2010

Hanging Lights for a Wedding

We get asked how to hang lights fairly often, and seeing as how most lights sold during this part of the year are used for Weddings and parties I thought I'd give some helpful tips for hanging lights!

If your venue has a drop ceiling then you can very easily hang lights! Simply use some string or zip ties to secure the wire to the metal frame. The image below shows how you can simply loop around the frame of a metal drop ceiling.
If the walls of the venue are drywall or fairly smooth you can use the Command adhesive hooks available at any local department store. They can easily hold a light string so long as you use a couple hooks to disperse the weight.Another option for curtain lights is making a frame. This can be done with wood or PVC. Just use two upright 2x4s or PVC pipes with some sort of base, connect the two with a horizontal piece, attach lights, then overlay sheer fabric to hid the frame. You can always paint the frame white so it's hidden better behind the fabric.

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Using Net lights for Curtain light alternative.

Net lights are a style of mini light and LED light string used, typically, to lay on a large area for quick coverage. Many people use net lights for covering bushes and shrubs around their homes.
We are always trying to help people think up clever ways to use our products and recently we were helping a bride with an alternative to curtain lights for her wedding. We suggested hanging net lights behind sheer fabric.

Hanging Curtain lights is nothing new, and I've touched on it quite a few times, but not many people know the Net light trick! Below is a image of how a hung set of Net lights will look. You can hang them on a frame or on a wall for great effect! Our net lights come in 4 foot by 6 foot for our LED nets, and our mini light nets come 4 foot by 6 foot and 4 foot by 8 foot. Between those two size options you should be able to cover a large area with very little work, just hang, let the wire relax so the net looks good, and you're done!

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Friday, July 2, 2010

Wedding decorations with Battery Powered LED lights

Now, I touch on this subject just about every other blog, BUT there are just so many wedding happening I thought I could lend some more insight. Weddings, likes so many of us know, don't always happen in churches. They can be in a field, large civic centers, plantations, homes, just about anywhere people can gather can be the venue for a wedding. While all of these sound like great places for a couples "special day" they can sometimes have a definite lack in the number of power outlets. Let's face it, fields usually don't have power outlets for a P.A. and with christmas lights beginning to become a staple at weddings we want to show that you don't need a wall outlet to light up your event...just a couple AA batteries.

Battery powered LED sets are great. There, I said it, they are awesome. They give you the same brightness and look as sets that plug into a wall but they can just for over a day on 2 AA batteries. We carry a variety of bulb styles for battery powered LED sets, Concave, Short M5, and M5. All of these work great, and we've had 1 set break on a customer in the 4+ years we've been selling them.
  • Concave - Our favorite, they have a simple style bulb that has the widest viewing angle, bright colors, and have a small bulb.
  • M5 - The look of classic mini lights only faceted. Simple long skinny bulbs that work great and add the perfect touch of light to a decoration.
  • Short M5 - Just like M5s just with a much shorted length.
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